Super Natural and Moisturizing Lip Balms for Healthy Lips

Lip products like lip scrubs, lip balms, exfoliators, and moisturizers are always trending because lips represent beauty. Your lips are one of the first things people notice when they look at you. So it is necessary to keep them healthy and beautiful to leave a good first impression. Your lips should always be soft, smooth, and hydrated. Change in climate or sanitary habits can affect your lips. Regardless of cold or hot weather your lips can become dry and start chapping. You must use proper lip products to take care of your lips.

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Lip problems are common these days among everyone. Everyone’s lips react to different climates differently. It is necessary to hydrate your lips. If you fail to hydrate your lips in regular intervals, they are prone to attract problems like chapped lips, cracking, dry lips, dark lips, irritation, and dead skin. Many different lip products will help you in fixing these problems. But the best and the most efficient way to fix these problems is to get a good lip balm.

Everything about lip balms!

Lip balms are one of those products that will become your best friend in no time and will be with you every day. Lip balms usually have a petroleum jelly base. They come in various forms, like chapsticks, or in cans, some are natural lip balms, and some are moisturizing lip balms. 

Whatever the physical form of your lip balm may be, they are super effective moisturizers to hydrate your dry lips. They revive chapped lips. Lip balm also lightens the colour of your lips and makes them softer. Lip balms soothe irritation. Rivona Naturals lip balms revitalize dead skin around the lip and make them appear livelier than before. They are easy and very convenient to use every day.

Why should you use a lip balm?

You must use a lip balm if you deal with any lip-related problems. Everyone faces some or another lip problem. Your lips might turn dark if you smoke. If your lips are not suitable for the current climate, they might start to chap. If your lips are not hydrated enough, they will become rough and dry. If you scratch or bite your dry lips and peel the skin off, they might even start to bleed.

No matter what the issue is, lip balm will help you get rid of it with ease. Lip balm is one of those things that you should always carry in your purses or pockets. Men or women both must use a lip balm every day for healthy and hydrated lips.

When to use a lip balm and how to use it?

There is an ancient myth in the world of beauty that lip balms or chapsticks should only be used in winters. Some say they should only be used in summers because it is hot and the weather can dehydrate your lips. Well, the truth is, these myths are just hoaxes. There is no proper time to use a lip balm. Your lips need nourishment every day, and a lip balm gives it to them. Lip balm is perfectly safe to use. Rivona Naturals lip balms can be used multiple times a day without worrying about any side effects whatsoever. 

Applying lip balm is very easy. Just take a little bit of the balm on your fingers and apply it to your lips. Lip balms can be used along with other lip products. You can apply a lip balm before and after applying lipstick. Whatever floats your boat. If you apply it before, it will protect your lips from any chemicals, and if you apply it after a lipstick, it will make your lips glossy. 

Rivona Naturals has created 3 amazing lip balms that nourish and take care of your lips like a baby. These lip balms are available in 3 variants-strawberry lip balm, beetroot lip balm, and chocolate coffee lip balm.  

3 Amazing lip care combos by Rivona Naturals

Rivona Naturals has come up with 3 amazing combos- Strawberry lip care combo, Beetroot lip care combo, and Chocolate Coffee lip care combo. Each combo has a lip balm along with a lip scrub of that respective range. That means if you buy a Strawberry lip care combo, you will get a strawberry lip scrub and a strawberry lip balm. It is necessary to exfoliate your lip before applying the lip balm. These combos are a complete treatment for your lips. 

Lip scrubs

Lip scrubs heal lips and get rid of dry and dead skin on the lips. Lip scrub exfoliates, and hydrates lips. These lip scrubs from Rivona Naturals contain different ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, wheat germ oil, and vitamin E. It also includes natural ingredients like strawberry, beetroot, and chocolate coffee. These ingredients have antibacterial properties that soften, heal, and moisturize your lips. These lip balms get rid of flakes and tan. Lip scrub makes your lips fresh and nourishes them instantly. 

Tip: Use a scrub before applying the lip balm.

How to use a lip scrub:

Take a tiny amount of lip scrub on your fingers and apply it to your lips. Massage it in an upward circular motion for a couple of minutes till you get rid of all the dead skin. Wash it off with water and get smooth lips instantly. A lip scrub should be used at least thrice a week. Follow it with the lip balm.

Whenever your lips get dry, crack, and start to chip, you should apply a lip balm and resolve those issues instantly. You can apply the lip balm whenever you want, and you can use it as many times as you like. Lip balm will make your lips hydrated and soft in seconds. Lip balms are essential and suitable for all types of lips. Whether your lips are full, thin, wide, thick, or small, love them all.

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