7 Jaw Dropping Benefits of Vitamin C Serum for your Skin

Vitamin C is one of the best and the most important antioxidant for your skin. It makes your skin glow, smooth, soft, and healthy. Vitamin C is commonly found in citrus fruits like oranges and lemons. It is also found in green vegetables that we consume daily. There are numerous benefits of vitamin c serum that would clear all the doubt that you may have about adding it into your daily skincare routine. The nutrients in Vitamin C not only work on your skin but also on your bones and connective tissues. It helps in the healing, digestion, and absorption of iron in our body. The vitamin c serum from Rivona is a must in your skincare routine. 

Rivona Vitamin C serum is a whitening serum with Hyaluronic acid. It also includes Ascorbic acid and Hydrogenated castor oil. These are all the tools required for healthy and glowing skin. Ascorbic acid protects your skin from harmful UV rays and exposure. Hyaluronic acid (vitamin C) moisturizes and prevents sunburns. Hydrogenated castor oil lessens down the loss of skin moisture.

The Vitamin C serum is easy to apply and can be applied on your skin directly. Just with mere 3 or 4 drops per use, you can make your skin shine. All you have to do is apply 3 or 4 drops of vitamin C serum to your face. Massage it for a couple of minutes until the serum is absorbed completely into your skin. The serum will instantly start working its magic. These simple steps take no time and could easily be made a staple in your daily skincare routine. For the best results, it is advised to use the vitamin c serum at least twice a day. Apply the serum after shower in the morning and before going to sleep at night.

The benefits of vitamin C serum for your skin:

1. It protects your skin from harmful UV rays and exposure:

benefits of vitamin C serum

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that fights and protects your skin from sunlight, pollution, harmful UV rays, and other environmental aggressors which directly attack your face and the tissues that strengthen the skin. They also damage the moisture barriers, cells, and colour and texture of your skin. If your skin is exposed directly to the Sun and harmful UV rays, it could result in some serious skin diseases and even skin cancer. The Ascorbic acid in the Rivona Vitamin C serum helps protect your skin from these harmful UV rays and exposure making your face shine bright like the Sun itself.

2. Hydrates your skin: 

benefits of vitamin C serum

It is important to stay hydrated! Rivona Vitamin C serum also works as a moisturiser for your skin by hydrating it. Vitamin C exhibits hydrating properties which help in maintaining the moisture barrier and repair them from any damage that might have been done to them. Vitamin C also decreases transepidermal water loss. It locks in the moisture in your skin and strengthens the skin barriers, preventing moisture loss. Vitamin C serum gives your skin a refreshing glow. Hydration is important not only for your body but also for your skin, hydrating equals health. The more hydrated you and your face are, the healthier you will appear.

3. An Anti-aging agent: 

Collagen is a protein that holds everything together in your body and the skin on your face. Rivona Vitamin C serum helps collagen reach its full potential so that the protein holds your skin tight. Lack of collagen can cause the skin to sag. It can make fine lines appear on your face resulting in wrinkles. This will make your skin look old and torn down.

Vitamin C serum is a natural collagen booster that improves the texture, quality, and elasticity of your skin. It makes your skin look tight and young. 

4. Vitamin C reduces melanin production resulting in an even lighter skin tone: 

benefits of vitamin C serum

A natural skin pigment called melanin is responsible for giving your skin, eyes, and hair a darker tone. Rivona Naturals Vitamin C serum reduces melanin production in your skin which results in lightening your skin tone. Also, the damages done by the exposure to harmful UV rays and pollution results in a dull skin complexion. vitamin C serum and its natural boosters instantly give you your natural complexion and help you shine the way you were always meant to shine.

5. Reduces dark spots and pigmentation: 

Vitamin C has a unique anti-spot property that will never alter the natural pigmentation of your skin but will reduce the dark spots and acne scars. Rivona Vitamin C serum stops any unnatural pigmentation on your face while it also lightens dark spots, scars, and so on. Vitamin C fades the dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and melanin, and brightens your skin. Rivona Vitamin C serum targets melasma. Melasma is responsible for dark spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation in the skin. Taking care of melasma is very important to achieve a bright and glowing skin tone, and the vitamin c serum does the job for you.

6. Helps reduce irritation, tingling, or redness: 

Rivona Vitamin C serum moisturizes your skin not just for the outside but also from deep within giving you a refreshing and healthy face. After you have applied the vitamin c serum and massage it for a couple of minutes. Let it absorb into your skin. You are also taking care of any irritation or tingling that you may be feeling on your face. Rivona Vitamin C serum is completely natural and refreshing, reaching under your skin through your pores and hydrating it from the inside. Exposure to harmful UV rays and pollution can also cause redness and irritation on your face. The vitamin c serum includes Hyaluronic acid and Ascorbic acid whit protects the skin from pollution and moisturizes it.

7. Makes your skin soft and supple:

As established before, hydrated skin is healthy skin. It also means soft and supple skin. Rivona Vitamin C serum when applied to the skin will encourage the production of new collagen to grow. It will result in giving you glowing and smooth skin. The collagen will protect the protein required for healthy skin and protect it from damage. Rivona Vitamin C serum also protects you from premature ageing, dark spots, and acne scars which may damage your skin by fighting those of the vitamin c serum that makes your skin soft and supple.

With all the nutrients, health properties, benefits of vitamin C serum, and all that it does for your skin, Vitamin C might as well be considered as the superhero among all the other vitamins. Rivona Vitamin C serum is a must-have in your daily skincare routine if you want to make sure your skin receives all the love and care that it deserves. You can not go wrong with the serum that will fight the sun for you by protecting your face from the harmful UV rays, and pollution and not just protect it but also make your face glow and feel refreshed.

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